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Dear Intelligent Webmaster,


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that organic traffic from search engines is the highest quality traffic that you can get…


Ranking on the first page of Google when someone is actively looking for the product, service or information that you provide beats every other traffic method hands down…

  • ● It’s hands down better than advertising to someone on Facebook, who is usually using the site to share a photo or connect with friends and family...
  • ● It’s hands down better than PPC, where your link will display ‘out of the way’ on search results pages or on ‘related’ network sites, probably owned by your competition…
  • ● It’s hands down better than ‘press releases’, where your story might get picked up by some unrelated news sites that are being read by people who are not targeted to your offer...

You see, all paid advertising methods essentially involve ‘placing your link’ in someone’s viewpoint. 9 times out of 10, at the time when it’s placed there, your prospects aren’t even looking for what you have to offer...  Optimizing your website for ‘buyer keywords’ however, puts you in front of people who want what you offer right now. What’s even more impressive, is when you’re ranking organically, you’re not paying a dime for clicks…  Giving you the best quality traffic for nothing...  Unfortunately, ranking on Google isn’t easy...  With tens of thousands of websites all competing for just a few spots on page one, it isn’t just a case of putting your website up and dominating the search results…  In fact, those who do rank go the ‘extra mile’ to please Google’s main 2 ranking factors...

  • Ensuring the web page they’re ranking is actually related to the keyword...
  • Ensuring the web page they’re ranking is good quality...

The reason Google uses the first ranking factor is obvious. If you’re searching for ‘fish tanks’ and the first page is full of results about ‘football’, Google simply isn’t doing its job. So Google will look at several ‘on page’ indicators to ensure that the pages it ranks are about ‘fish tanks’. These include the title, description, header tags, general content and so on and so forth…  The second ranking factor is to ensure Google isn’t ranking pages that aren’t high quality. Unfortunately for Google, using a computer to determine which websites are good and bad quality isn’t easy - but one common indicator of quality is how often people ‘recommend’ the webpage. Online, ‘recommendations’ come in the form of hyperlinks…  Generally speaking, hyperlinks remain the primary ranking factor. There are thousands of websites who have the ‘on page’ side down to a science, but proving your site is quality is what separates the top ranking sites from those that don’t rank at all...  Google’s animal updates give you the advantage...  In recent years, Google has performed updates such as Penguin, Panda and Pigeon with the aim of reducing the ranking value of people who were trying to ‘dupe’ the system. That is, those who were using bots and software to enhance how popular their website ‘appeared’ to be…  As a result, the time of ranking websites simply by creating as many backlinks as possible are long gone...  In fact, Google began to pin ‘negative’ scores on those who had poor quality backlinks back to their site. Many websites that dominated search results were ‘slapped’ from the results pages, nowhere to be seen…  And those who did top the result pages were no longer those with the most backlinks, but actually those with the most good backlinks from credible websites...  Are backlinks are no longer valuable or even dangerous?   Not at all. High quality backlinks are still as important as ever, maybe even more so. But churning out ‘automatic’ backlinks using software or creating the same old links over and over like ‘monkeys’ is no longer viable...  The good news is, Google’s new algorithms have left the pathway clear for real business owners like you to finally crack the code of first page listings. No longer do you have to build millions of backlinks to beat your competition. You simply have to build better backlinks…  That’s where Rank More Media can help you...  Introducing Rank More Media Human Commenting & Link Building Service...  Rank More Media provide an effective, Panda and Penguin tested, human commenting system on high quality, high PR, reputable blogs…  It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for ‘regular’ commenting or simply a backlink ‘boost’, we have no contracts or no monthly fees, enabling you to work with us as little or as often as you want to…  Here are the features of all of our 100% hand made, human commenting packages…

  • ● No monthly fees. No contacts. No long term commitments.
  • ● 100% handmade, human comments. No software or bots used.
  • ● Great direct traffic source.
  • ● No spammy, low quality or link farms used.
  • ● Comments on relevant, topic matched, quality blog posts.
  • ● All blogs have low OBL (outbound links)
  • ● 100% Natural. 100% Safe.
  • ● 100% Proven to rank.

This is real quality backlinking that will increase the quality of your site in the eyes of Google and in turn, boost your rankings...


Here are our 3 affordable packages...

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    PR2 Pages - 10 Relevant Comments

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    PR6 Pages - 1 Relevant Comment

    All PR is the rank of the actual page commented on.

    Not the homepage domain.

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      PR2 Pages - 20 Relevant Comments

      PR3 Pages - 20 Relevant Comments

      PR4 Pages - 10 Relevant Comments

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      PR6 Pages - 1 Relevant Comment

      All PR is the rank of the actual page commented on.

      Not the homepage domain.

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        PR2 Pages - 40 Relevant Comments

        PR3 Pages - 30 Relevant Comments

        PR4 Pages - 20 Relevant Comments

        PR5 Pages - 10 Relevant Comments

        PR6 Pages - 2 Relevant Comment

        All PR is the rank of the actual page commented on.

        Not the homepage domain.

        Only $299 $90

        All fees are ‘one time’ and can be repurchased as little or as often as you’d like. Don’t be fooled by the companies that say they build high PR links, but really don’t. It doesn’t matter what the PR of a websites ‘homepage’ is, it’s the PR of the page with the link that counts. All PR’s stated in our packages are the PR of the pages where we leave comments...

        Here’s to sitting on top of Google,

        The Rank More Media Team.


        P.S. Rather than tying you down to a contract, we’d rather let our results do the talking so that you have no choice to come back for more. Don’t be fooled by the companies who want you to sign your life away. We deliver and that’s why we don’t need any long term commitment from you, we know that you’re going to keep coming back after you see the results…


        P.P.S. Our direct links bring tons of extra direct traffic to your site as well as boosting your search rankings. If you’re looking for more visitors, you’re sure to get them working with us…

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        • Q.How many URLs I can submit?

          A.You can submit unlimited URLs, but for best results submit up to 5 URLs

        • Q.Can I use your service for any website?

          A.We do not allow any pharma, gambling, adult or any questionable sites

        • Q.How many keywords I can submit?

          A.You can submit unlimited keywords, but best practices show, that using 1-3 keywords mixed with some generic ones bring best results

        • Q.Do you provide refunds?

          A.Due to the nature of SEO  a maximum of 50% refund of any single order can be issued. By ordering you fully release the company from liability as you fully understand the risks associated with SEO

        • Q.How to place an order?

          A.When you choose you package, please press the buy now button. You will be redirected to PayPal and after completed your payment you will be redirected to an order form, that needs to be filled.

        • Q.I have questions, can I contact you?

          A.Sure, our customer service team will respond asap. You can email us at info@rankmoremedia.com